The Start of an Addiction


As I sit and look over the pictures of my recent Mule Deer hunt, I still admire my deer as if I was looking at someone else’s trophy.  After 24 days of hard grinding, numerous stalks being blown by my own mistakes, and lots of disappointing days of not seeing a single animal move, I look back at my trophy and marvel that it actually happened to me.  Yes, I train daily, shoot daily, and dream both day and night of adventures exactly like the one I just had.  But honestly, how often in a hunter’s life does it all actually line up for a memorable finish?  Usually NEVER!!!  As this hunt again reminded me, it takes tenacity, dedication, persistence, and heart to make your luck happen.  Even with that said, there have not been too many hunting adventures in my long hunting career that were worthy of all the training, family sacrifices, and time afield.  This journey was not one of beginners luck, but one that shows what a testament hard work, preparation, and never getting down can give you when the opportunity shows itself to you, not once but twice! “And it goes like this…” Friday, January 24, 2014 came like any other Friday, I was super excited to get off work and get ready for … [Continue reading]



2013 Arizona Archery Hunt. Follow my quest to fullfill my archery tag in the wettest summer/fall in Flagstaff's history. Special THANK YOU to Luke Morris and Big Mike Armstrong for running the camera's on my 2013 journey! None of this is possible without you two! Live The Moment, Capture The … [Continue reading]

Elk Camp…Camp Champ


Having a little fun at camp...breaking up the day & night with a little archery fun. … [Continue reading]

Tenzing TZ4000 & TZ 14000

Tenzing Logo Stacked_version 2

I had the honor of testing the TZ 4000 and the TZ 1400 on my 2013 Archery Elk hunt, this is by far the best pack system I have ever used.  Tenzing has their stuff together!! … [Continue reading]



NE Pop Warner Pirates football team begins the long preparation for the upcoming football season … [Continue reading]

No Regrets Outdoors Luke Morris on his first archery hunt


No Regrets Outdoors travels with Luke Morris on his first ever Arizona Archery Hunt and First Archery Kill! … [Continue reading]

No Regrets Scouting trip

elk hunt 08 chuck camera 097

No Regrets Members Matthew Ament, Luke Morris and Elk Assassin Trent Penrod headed up to Flagstaff, Az to scout for upcoming Archery Bull Tag in September. … [Continue reading]

“I am Hooked!” by Lisa Cameron

train to hunt 2

  Throughout my entire life easily reached goals I set for myself because of my determination and competitiveness.   Hunting is also a large part of my life, and with hunting came new challenges and goals.  I begin hunting with rifle at an early age, and progressed to archery for more of a … [Continue reading]

“The Hell Hole” by Cody Mansur


“The Hell Hole” Just about every hunter has a place that they would refer to as the “Hell Hole“. Its that spot you hunt that you dive over the side of a cliff and seem to almost fall all the way to the bottom just to see what is there, just to make the steep climb out. it’s a place that you … [Continue reading]

The Journey


"Don't concentrate so hard on reaching your destination, that you miss your entire journey!!" I use this quote or a form of this so often that I felt today would be a good day to expand on it, specifically tailored to us hunters. I preach Train to Hunt, Live with No Regrets, and the 5 P's to … [Continue reading]